Air cooled condenser is the large industrial heat exchange equipment which uses the air in nature to cool (condensate) processing fluid. Compared to the water cooled method, it boasts advantages of sufficient and free cold source, saving cooling water and reducing environmental pollution, low maintenance cost and others. There are power plant air cooled condenser and petrochemical air cooled condenser according to different application field. Company main product is power plant condenser.

The traditional power plant adopt water cooled system to cool the steam turbine exhaust vapor by large open cooling tower, thus the water consumption is immensity. The new air cooled power plant adopt large air cooled condenser for cooling, the water consumption is only 1/4 of traditional water cooled power plant. The air cooled power plant with obvious advantage of water saving and environment friendly. Furthermore, the air cooled condenser widely applied in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, gas separating industries etc

Owned the only one 10MW Air condenser unit test equipment in China, technical guaranteed the air cooled condenser design and manufacture quality. 
Owned several patents on air cooled condenser, which is most advanced level in China;Participate in drawing “Power plant direct air cooled condensate system performance acceptance specification”( electric utility industry standard) and “Power plant air cooled condenser acceptance guide rule ” ( electric utility industry specification);
With the design and manufacture ability for 135MW、300MW、600MW power plant systems, one of largest petrochemical air cooled condenser manufacturers.

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