Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Company Limited is major subsidiary of shuangliang Group, is dedicated in providing comprehensive solutions of energy saving, fresh water saving and producing by products of Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller driven by Directed Fire, Hot Water, Steam and Flue Gas, Air Cooled Condenser, Sea Water Desalination System, High Efficiency Heat Exchanger, as well as Expandable Polystyrene.

We were founded in 1982, since 1985 started producing the first unit of LiBr absorption chiller, Shuangliang has became the China Well-Known Trademark and Chinese Famous Brand, in 2003 further became the only one public listed company in Li-Br absorption chiller industry of China.

As a leading absorption chiller manufacturer in the world, have made national standard of LiBr chiller for the country, owning the only one state-level enterprise technology center in national HVAC industry, postdoctoral scientific research work station and 300,000 m2 garden factory.

For the past 27 years, Shuang Liang always follows encouragement of the former president Jiang Ze Ming, Build up Chinese native backbone, Create world famous brand, devoting in cause of energy saving and environmental protection industry, already provided the community with over 20,000 units of energy saving equipments, brought not only significant savings in electricity supply, the equivalent of saving investment on rare 15 × 600MW thermal power plants, but also annual savings of 22.5 million tons of standard coal, emission reducing of 57.6 million tons of CO2 and 85,000 tons of SO2, equivalent to replant 160,000 hectares of forest every year.

There’s only one earth, so there’s a responsibility, for a cleaner and greener earth we will continue to work hard for contribution of low consumption, low pollution, high use factor and high circulating rate circulation economy and moderate, rational and clean expense ecology civilization.


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